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Burp Proxy Documentation - In-Browser Interface

You can access the Burp Proxy in-browser interface by visiting http://burp with your browser, or by entering the URL of your Proxy listener, for example:

You can download a copy of your Burp CA certificate, which you can install in your browser to eliminate SSL errors.

You can disable the in-browser interface if required, in the Proxy options.


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Monday, January 16, 2017


This release adds various enhancements and fixes:

  • There is a new command-line option to launch Burp with a specified user configuration file.
  • A bug that was recently introduced that prevented license activation in headless mode has been fixed.
  • The Content Discovery function now correctly handles applications that have wildcard behavior for file extensions (e.g. those that return a specific response for admin.xxx regardless of the file extension). This eliminates the only known false positives reported by the new Content Discovery engine.

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