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What do our graduate developers think of PortSwigger?

Graduate Profile: Rose

Degree Course studied: Computational Quantum Chemistry (PhD)

University attended: University of Manchester


What attracted you to apply to PortSwigger?

“Most importantly, I felt that I shared the values expressed by the company. Coming from a somewhat unusual background, I greatly appreciated the recognition that experience isn't everything if you are willing to train your employees. I was pleased to see that PortSwigger actively encourage their employees to pursue their own personal development goals alongside their professional ones.”


How did you find the recruitment process?

“I actually really enjoyed the recruitment process, which I'm sure is not a particularly common occurrence! The whole process seemed to be constructed in such a way as to make the interviewee feel comfortable, which, for me, is the situation in which I do the best work.”


What are your early impressions about the graduate programme you are on?

“Early impressions are really good! I have very well-structured and personal targets to meet. Since day one, I have been working alongside an experienced software developer, which has been great because it means my training has been integrated almost entirely with the work. Crucially, I'd suggest that if you want to be challenged by your career then you should definitely consider applying to PortSwigger!”

Graduate Profile: Jonny

Degree Course studied: Computer Science (BSc)

University attended: University of Sheffield


What attracted you to apply to PortSwigger?

“The emphasis on my personal development was huge for me. I knew I still had a lot to learn and wanted to do it in an environment where there is a lot of focus on me, as opposed to just being another graduate on a massive scheme.”


How did you find the recruitment process?

“Simple and friendly. I saw the advert on my Uni careers page and emailed the company. They rang me for a discussion and a few questions about Java, it was all very relaxed and I was given the chance to ask my own questions. This was the case again in the face to face interview when meeting everyone.”


What are your early impressions about the graduate programme you are on?

“Very good! I have been given a lot of resources to aid my development and everyone is willing to take time out of what they are doing to explain new things to me. The working environment is fun and friendly, trips out for lunch and to the pub happen often and also the working hours are flexible, so I can shape my week exactly how I want.”

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