Creates a new schedule item, which exposes all of the scheduling data about a configured scan. When a scheduled scan is due to start, a Scan object is created based on the associated schedule item.


input: CreateScheduleItemInput!

The fields used to create a new schedule item.

Input Fields

site_id(): ID!
The unique identifier of the site for which you want to create a schedule item.
schedule(): ScheduleInput
The scheduling information for the new schedule item, such as when the scan should run and how often.
scan_configuration_ids(): [ID!]
A list all the scan configurations that you want to use for scans created from this schedule item. Note that when creating a schedule item using the API, the default scan configuration for the site is not automatically assigned. Therefore, even if you want to use the default configuration, you need to explicitly set it using this field.

Return Fields

schedule_item(): ScheduleItem!
The newly created schedule item.


mutation CreateScheduleItem($input: CreateScheduleItemInput!) {
  create_schedule_item(input: $input) {
    schedule_item {
  "input": {
    "site_id": "4"