Exposes basic information about instances of an issue type that was found by a scan.


issue_type(): IssueType
The type of issue that was found by a scan, for example, a SQL injection vulnerability.
confidence(): Confidence!
The level of confidence that an issue that was identified is a genuine vulnerability. This reflects the inherent reliability of the technique that was used by Burp Scanner to identify the issue.
severity(): Severity!
The level of severity for an issue that was found by a scan. The higher the severity level, the larger the impact is likely to be if an attacker is able to exploit this vulnerability. Note that the severity level is only a rough approximation based on a typical website. You should use your knowledge of the purpose and context of the associated functionality to determine how serious each issue is in your individual case.
number_of_children(): Int!
The number of instances of this issue type that were found by a scan.
first_child_serial_number(): ID
The unique identifier of the first instance of this issue type that was found by a scan.
novelty(): Novelty
The issue's relationship to the results of the previous scan. This data is used to track how your security posture is changing over time.