A recorded login sequence associated with a site. These are essentially JSON-based scripts that you generate by recording yourself performing the login in your browser using the Burp Suite Navigation Recorder extension. During the scan, Burp Scanner will use this script to replecate your actions and perform the full login sequence from scratch. This enables scans to handle more complex login mechanisms, such as single sign-on, in order to crawl areas of the site that are only accessible to registered users. Note that a recorded login sequence is not automatically synced with the user account on the actual website. If, for example, the password has changed for the account that you used during recording, you need to update the recording in Burp Suite Enterprise Edition to reflect this.


id(): ID!
The unique identifier of the recorded login sequence.
label(): String
A name for the recorded login sequence to help you identify it.
script(): String
The JSON-based script for the recorded login sequence. This is generated by the Burp Suite Navigation Recorder extension when you record the login sequence in your browser.