Specifies the input fields required to create a new site in the site tree.


name(): String!
The name for the new site. This is the name that is displayed on the Burp Suite Enterprise Edition web UI.
parent_id(): ID!
The unique identifier of the folder to which you want to add the new site as a child. To add the site to the root level, enter 0.
scope(): ScopeInput!
The URLs that are both included and excluded from scans of this site.
scan_configuration_ids(): [ID!]
A list of IDs for scan configurations that you want to use as the default for scans of this site. On the Burp Suite Enterprise Edition web UI, these will be preselected when users create a new scan for this site. However, when creating a schedule item using the API, the default scan configuration for the site is not automatically assigned. Therefore, even if you want to use the default configuration, you need to explicitly set it when creating a new schedule item.
extension_ids(): [ID!]
A list of IDs for extensions that you want to use for scans of this site.
application_logins(): ApplicationLoginInput!
All the application logins that you want to use for scans of this site. These can either be basic sets of login credentials or scripts of full login sequences that you recorded with the Burp Suite Navigation Recorder browser extension. These are used by scans to crawl areas of the site that are only accessible to registered users. Note that you can only use one type of application login for each site.
email_recipients(): [EmailRecipientInput!]
A list of all the email addresses that should receive scan reports whenever scans of this site finish.
agent_pool_id(): ID
The agent pool the site will be in. Assigns the site to the default pool if not specified.