Updates the list of URLs that are both included and excluded from scans of a given site.


input: UpdateSiteScopeInput!

The fields used to specify which site you want to update, and which URLs should be included and excluded from scans of the site.

Input Fields

site_id(): ID!
The unique identifier of the site whose scope you want to update.
included_urls(): [String!]!
A list of URLs that will be crawled and audited during scans of this site. By default, all subdirectories of these URLs will be included in the scan. You can use the excluded_urls field to specify any subdirectories that you want to exclude from scans.
excluded_urls(): [String!]
A list of URLs will be skipped during scans of this site. For example, if a particular subdirectory contains sensitive data, you can enter its URL here to exclude it from scans. All subdirectories of an excluded URL will also be skipped.
protocol_options(): ScopeProtocolOptions
Options to determine which protocols are used when scanning your site's URLs.

Return Fields

scope(): Scope
The new scope for scans of the site.


mutation UpdateSiteScope($input: UpdateSiteScopeInput!) {
  update_site_scope(input: $input) {
    scope {
  "input": {
    "site_id": "42",
    "included_urls": [
    "excluded_urls": []