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Cybersecurity conferences 2021: A schedule of virtual, and potentially in-person or 'hybrid' worldwide events

While Covid-19 has, for now, put an end to in-person industry conferences in most countries, the infosec events calendar has nevertheless remained impressively busy.

While some organizers chose to cancel their 2020 events, especially at the pandemic’s outset – starting with Mobile World Conference (MWC) last February – most transformed them into all-virtual affairs instead.

In-person, indoor events will surely be the among the last activities to return to normal once Covid response-mandated restrictions across many countries are eased. But with vaccines now being rolled out worldwide, some infosec events scheduled for the second half of 2021 are tentatively being planned as in-person conferences.

Whether those plans are fulfilled or not, however, there may be no going back to the former status quo.

“We have realized that a significant element of business can progress without the need to incur extensive costs associated with face to face engagement – not only in the form of travel and accommodation, but also those costs associated with hours lost in travel time,” Camilla Currin, cybersecurity consultant at infosec firm Trend Micro, told The Daily Swig.

“Will we start slipping back into that 24/7 business lifestyle or will we continue to drive the online, connected world, where we attend streamed conferences and events?

“Will the developers of collaboration tools get us to a place where the functionality of these tools provide richer experiences to what we used to experience in person? Only time will tell.”

Virtual infosec events and conferences attendeesThe infosec calendar is once again looking busy and – for now – largely virtual

It remains to be seen how many formerly in-person events persist with the online model, adopt a hybrid model where those who can’t attend can instead stream presentations (AUSCert2021, for instance, is taking this approach), or dismiss the hybrid option for fear that it will cannibalize the in-person conference.

Most will no doubt be keen to restore the many revenue streams that were lost in the virtual migration that took place last year.

In the meantime, the infosec calendar, which we’ve set out below, is once again looking busy and – for now – largely virtual.

Cybersecurity conferences: 2021 schedule

Here’s a rundown of upcoming cybersecurity conferences, which we will update throughout the year as events are announced, rescheduled, or reconfigured:

CyberSecurity Festival | June 16, 23, 30

Hosted by Computing, the event offers presentations, panel sessions, fireside chats, workshops and networking opportunities once a week for three weeks in all all-virtual format.

Visit the CyberSecurity Festival website for full details.

MWC Barcelona | June 28-July 1 | Barcelona, Spain

The telecoms industry’s flagship conference was cancelled last year as Covid-19’s first wave gathered steam but organizers have pushed back the date for the 2021 edition in the hope of holding an in-person conference.

Visit the MWC Barcelona website for full details.

Beyond the Application: A Cyber Security Conference | July 1 | Virtual

Organized by risk management consultancy Turnkey Consulting, this event focuses on securing Enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications, which can no longer mean simply relying on roles and authorizations.

Visit the event registration page for full details.

IFSEC International 2021 | July 12-14 | ExCeL London

IoT security and the convergence of physical and information security have become increasingly prominent topics at IFSEC, which also showcases CCTV and access control systems and is hosting online events in June.

Visit the IFSEC Global website for full details.

Black Hat USA 2021 | July 31-August 5 | Las Vegas (also virtual)

Black Hat’s flagship event, which organizers hope will be an in-person/virtual hybrid, will feature the usual presentations on the latest cutting-edge security research, plus hacking tools demonstrated in the Arsenal sessions.

Visit the Black Hat website for full details.

DEF CON 29 | August 5-8

Black Hat’s less corporate sister event, is not cancelled for 2021, as the famous in-joke meme would have it, but may or may not be held in virtual ‘Safe Mode’ again – that all depends on the results of a risk assessment.

Visit the DEF CON website for full details.

ApacheCon Asia 2021 | August 6-8 | Virtual

The Asian edition of the Apache Software Foundation’s annual event dedicated to Apache projects, with application security among the topics.

Visit the ApacheCon website for full details.

National Cybersecurity Show | September 7-9 | Birmingham, UK

Covering cyber-essentials such as cyber management, security, protection, and recovery, the event is pitched as a one-stop shop for protecting businesses from cyber threats.

Visit The Security Event website for full details.

WiCyS 2021 | September 8-10

Women in Cybersecurity (WiCyS) is putting together a schedule of panels and presentations, workshops, ‘birds-of-a-feather’ sessions, lightning talks, and student research poster sessions.

Visit the WiCyS website for full details.

AusCERT2021 | September 15-18 | Queensland, Australia (also virtual)

Organized by Australia’s Cyber Emergency Response Team, AusCERT2021 is the event’s 20th edition and will be in hybrid mode, being live-streamed from the Star Gold Coast hotel.

Visit the AusCERT website for full details.

ApacheCon 2021 | September 21-23 | Virtual

The Apache Software Foundation introduces content across numerous categories, including Big Data, fintech, and Tomcat, related to Apache projects.

Visit the ApacheCon website for full details.

Open Source Summit | September 28-October 1 | Dublin, Ireland

The Open Source Summit – at the time of writing scheduled to take place in Dublin – is pitched as “a unique environment for cross-collaboration between developers, sysadmins, devops, architects and others”.

Visit the Open Source Summit website for full details.

(ISC)² Security Congress 2021 | October 18-20

Dozens of sessions around professional development, with topics potentially including cloud security; DevSecOps; governance, risk and compliance (GRC); and career development.

Visit the (ISC)² website for full details.

All Day DevOps | October 28

Already fully virtual before the pandemic hit, All Day DevOps returns for its 2021 edition with another 24-hour extravaganza of presentations from 180 speakers across six tracks, including DevSecOps.

Visit the All Day DevOps website for full details.

AWS re:Invent | November 29-December 30 | Las Vegas

A slimmed down event appears to be in the offing after 2020’s three-week cloud computing conference from Amazon Web Services (AWS) featured more than 500 sessions repeating to serve different time zones.

Visit the re:Invent website for full details.

Black Hat Europe | November 8-11

Black Hat's final major event of the year will as usual feature a stellar range of speakers speaking about hacking tools and techniques, security vulnerabilities, and cybercrime trends.

Visit the Black Hat website for full details.

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