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Stay compliant and avoid costly attacks with automated security testing_

Scalable business cybersecurity software built for success

If a weakness in your business's online security was to be discovered by the wrong parties, it could be disastrous. Our web security software allows you to find and fix your blind spots as they appear - no matter how many sites you manage.

Avoid permanent damage to your reputation

Data breaches rank among the most catastrophic corporate scandals of recent times. Negligence in these cases is rarely tolerated, and when the worst happens, no one is safe from the repercussions. A company's reputation might never fully recover from such damage - and fines for regulatory non-compliance are often significant.

Fortunately, help is at hand. While all code has bugs, our cybersecurity software raises your posture to a point where it presents a hostile environment to any would-be attacker. As a hard target, you reduce your chance of becoming one of the increasing number of victims of cyber-attack.

Cybersecurity bug hunting represented as a video game
Visual representation of cybersecurity compliance

Is your security posture compliant?

Secure today might not mean secure tomorrow. Agile development could introduce new code to your site(s) on a regular basis, making full manual reviews unrealistic. So how can you ever know you're safe, or compliant to the latest industry regulations? The answer lies in automated security scanning.

We take the guesswork out of enterprise web security and give you back control. Our cybersecurity software is designed specifically with the needs of businesses in mind. Schedule tailored, automated security scans, automatically prioritize issues, and produce elegant reports - all from one simple interface.

Security software that's as big as your business

Whether you manage four websites or 40,000, Burp Suite Enterprise Edition has you covered. Conceived with extreme scalability as a primary concern, our software is capable of growing with your business. It's already used by organizations both large and small.

Human factors are a perennial obstacle to cybersecurity in any business. Our software mitigates this with role-based access control (RBAC). By defining roles and groups for different users within your organization, you can help to ensure any privileged information stays that way.

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Built on genuine expertise

PortSwigger is known for producing tools that cybersecurity professionals love. We make the world's most widely used penetration testing software - regularly employed to infiltrate some of the world's most advanced systems. Our cybersecurity software for business builds on this success and brings our research and expertise to a whole new audience.

Organizations from almost any sphere will find they can benefit from the security and scalability our software can provide. Many major businesses and institutions have chosen to use Burp Suite Enterprise Edition to develop and maintain their web security:

AutoTrader NASA Prudential US Air Force Danske Bank Thrifty Expedia Bendigo Bank Department of education and training Victoria

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