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Enterprise cybersecurity solutions

An enterprise cybersecurity framework that's actually flexible

Spend any time looking at enterprise cybersecurity solutions and you'll soon notice a problem. Many of the products on the market are surprisingly rigid in their implementation. This quickly becomes impractical at the enterprise level - where flexibility is everything.

As an established leader in cybersecurity software, PortSwigger noticed this and decided to act. Burp Suite Enterprise Edition is the direct result of this. It's a scalable enterprise cybersecurity solution that aims to be as flexible as possible.

Burp Suite Enterprise Edition is based around the concept of agents. Each agent can scan one web site at a time. When it's done, it can scan a different site. The more agents you add, the greater your parallel scanning capabilities become. This process scales indefinitely - meaning that it works for organizations of any size.

Why PortSwigger?

PortSwigger is a household name among penetration testers. For over a decade, we've been developing their weapon of choice - Burp Suite Professional. The majority of pentests conducted worldwide involve the use of Burp Suite in some way. In fact, many pentesters learned their trade from our founder - who wrote the de facto textbook on the subject.

Burp Suite Professional now has over 47,000 users in more than 140 countries. PortSwigger is synonymous with cutting edge developments in cybersecurity. It was natural for us to automate this knowledge into Burp Suite Enterprise Edition - the ideal complement to Burp Suite Professional.

Save on penetration testing - with enterprise security automation

Businesses have a dizzying array of cybersecurity compliance requirements to be aware of. In many cases, security testing is high on this list. Requirements often dictate that this is conducted manually - tying businesses to pentesting. But enterprise security automation can dramatically reduce the cost of this process.

Conducting a penetration test or red team engagement takes considerable expertise. Such services are consequently expensive. And many enterprise businesses have considerable amounts of online property to protect. Coupled with regular updates to code, continual pentesting can present a heavy burden on resources.

Automated penetration testing is an effective way to bypass this problem. Automated testing helps you quickly remove critical vulnerabilities like SQL injection (SQLi) and cross-site scripting (XSS). Human testers can then search for more esoteric bugs in due course.

Burp Suite Enterprise Edition makes auditing easy

Burp Suite Enterprise Edition's scans can easily be managed by non-technical staff if necessary. A range of simple dashboards gives you quick access to key metrics from across your online estate. Role-based access control (RBAC) allows teams to work together on projects. Creating reports on how an enterprise cybersecurity posture has evolved over time has seldom been this easy.

But the technology behind Burp Suite Enterprise Edition is far from simplistic. This is an automated and scalable version of the world's most widely used vulnerability scanner. Every bug it finds comes bundled with straightforward remediation advice. Written specifically for developers, this advice comes directly from PortSwigger's world-leading research team.

Our scanner is designed to integrate seamlessly with development teams' existing environments. Universal CI/CD integration via a REST API ensures teams will be working with software they are familiar with. Integration with Jira then bridges the gap between vulnerability management and development.

Customer quote

Burp Suite has allowed me to analyze and attack request traffic more efficiently and effectively than other "enterprise" web scanners or automated pentest tools. Source: TechValidate survey of PortSwigger customers

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Brian Murtha

Penetration Tester

An enterprise-grade DAST security solution you can trust

Enterprise security frameworks generally follow one of two methodologies. These are dynamic application security testing (DAST) and static application security testing (SAST). Burp Suite Enterprise Edition is a DAST solution. Broadly, this means that it simulates external attacks on a web app. This differs from SAST products, which work from within.

The benefits of DAST and SAST should be understood by anyone seeking an enterprise security solution. Truthfully, neither method is perfect. However, PortSwigger believes DAST to be the superior method in the majority of use cases. This is especially true when used alongside automated out-of-band application security testing (OAST), as with Burp Suite.

There are many reasons for our belief in DAST's superiority. The greatest, however, is that DAST produces far fewer false positives than SAST in almost every instance. DAST also tends to be much easier to set up than SAST, as well as being more flexible. This makes it a far more realistic prospect for the majority of businesses.

In summary: key benefits of Burp Suite as an enterprise cybersecurity solution

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