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Burp Suite Enterprise Edition is the web vulnerability scanner protecting some of the world's largest brands. Its simple interface and automation utilize the same technology that's helped Burp Suite become so loved by penetration testers.

We've worked hard to ensure a painless setup for Burp Suite Enterprise. Once initialized, auto scanning will assess security across your portfolio. Universal CI/CD platform integration through straightforward plugins makes DevSecOps a reality.

With Burp Suite Enterprise Edition, we had one goal. We wanted to make PortSwigger research and technology available to every organization. We've achieved that. The world's most widely-used pentesting toolkit - now fully automated.

Benefits of Burp Suite Enterprise Edition

Grow as big as you want

Grow as big as you want

Extreme scalability means you don't have to worry about growth. This is web security for organizations of any size.

Automate and schedule

Automate and schedule your scans

Scheduled, parallel scanning of assets and simple, visual reporting mean that auditing your security posture is easy.

Restrict sensitive data

Restrict sensitive data

More users create more need for internal security. Role-based access control (RBAC) keeps sensitive data out of reach.

Integrate with any CI pipeline

Integrate with any CI pipeline

Whether you use Jenkins, TeamCity, or another CI platform for development, REST API integration is straightforward.

Prioritize threats easily

Prioritize threats easily

Smart prioritization will save you time when detected threats begin to stack up. Quickly find the optimal path to security.

Get the best on your side

Get the best on your side

All detected vulnerabilities come with remediation advice based on PortSwigger's acclaimed research.

Don't become the next headline data breach

So much of our world is now online, that new attack surfaces get introduced almost daily. These don't go unnoticed by offensive operators. And a data breach could destroy your good reputation. When your users trust you with their data, you're expected to protect it. If you fail, that trust is lost.

Burp Suite Enterprise Edition is underpinned by the same research that powers the world's most widely-used penetration testing software. Our continuous updates mean you'll be at the forefront of web security thinking - no matter what lurks over the horizon.

Data breach
Prioritize security

Prioritize security concerns as they arise

Burp Suite Enterprise Edition's huge scalability and parallel operation mean it can detect a large quantity of bugs in short order. Here, vulnerability management functions save you time. Issues are prioritized automatically to prevent you getting swamped.

Integration with project management software like Jira makes planning a solution easy. Combined with role-based access control, this is security for teams of all sizes.

Security should never be a bottleneck for development

In traditional development environments, security got deferred until the later stages of a build. This often left a great deal of work to be rushed through in a short amount of time before release was possible - and created a lot of friction.

We think security is some of the most important work developers can do. As such, we champion a DevSecOps approach, where security is baked in from the outset. Burp Suite Enterprise Edition fully facilitates this - integrating with any CI/CD system.

Bottleneck for development

You're in good company

Groups exist online who mean to harm your organization and users. PortSwigger exists to stop them. Over the years we've repeatedly been first to market with new functions. These are often based on entirely new vulnerabilities discovered by our research team.

In the past, that expertise has only been available to professional penetration testers. Burp Suite Enterprise Edition changes that.

Join some of the organizations already trusting us to protect their online reputation:

AutoTrader NASA Disney US Air Force Danske Bank Thrifty PWC Bendigo Bank Department of education and training Victoria

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Burp Suite Enterprise Edition is priced from $3,999 per year.

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"If you've not checked out PortSwigger's Burp Enterprise yet, you should. This is bloody amazing. API-driven, fits into my build process and really flexible. #appsecdisruptor"

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