Burp Suite Enterprise Edition

Protect your business with simple, scalable scanning

Scan it all. With the enterprise-enabled web vulnerability scanner.

Burp Suite Enterprise Edition
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App Security

Secure your entire web portfolio

Issues over time

Deploy with ease, report with simplicity

Perform recurring, scheduled, scans across thousands of applications. Point and click; all you need is a URL.

Achieve full visibility of your enterprise security posture

Intuitive security reporting dashboards, role-based access control, and scan reports by email.

Empower DevSecOps

Out-of-the-box integration with ready-made CI plugins, native Jira support, and a rich API, to easily incorporate security within your existing software development processes.

Reduce risk without increasing costs

A pricing model that allows you to scan at scale across thousands of applications, for maximum ROI with no strings attached.

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Catch Bugs

Catch critical bugs before code is shipped

Jenkins Jira integration

Integrate security with software development processes

A wide array of integrations (e.g. CI/CD, bug-tracking systems, and a rich API) means you can bake security into your software development.

Security technology, accessible for all

Get fast, easily-digested feedback on vulnerabilities, tailored to you.

Collaborate with AppSec teams to fix security bugs

Native Jira integration, featuring ticket options for severity and confidence level triggers, means developers can collaborate with teams to remediate critical issues.

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Secure Code

Unleash AppSec's expertise and supercharge engineering

Audit Checks

Free time to eliminate vulnerabilities

Always-on scanning has your back. Smart prioritization will save you time when detected threats begin to stack up.

Work with Burp Scanner

Gold standard scanning, powered by PortSwigger Research, and trusted at over 12,000 organizations worldwide. With remediation for every bug, designed to help you scan smarter.

Customize and control

Take control with custom scan configurations, to help you hunt down even the trickiest bugs while minimizing false positives.

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Burp Suite Enterprise Edition customers

Powered by Burp Suite technology trusted at over 12,000 organizations worldwide

The same Burp Scanner you know and love - now scaled for the enterprise. Driven by PortSwigger's world-leading cybersecurity research team, it can find everything from classic bugs to vulnerabilities you don't even know exist yet.

Burp Scanner's multi-AST approach maximizes coverage, while minimizing false positives, without the need to instrument code. In fact, it's capable of finding many critical vulnerabilities that even an experienced manual tester could easily miss.

Customer quote

Currently, Burp Suite Enterprise Edition helps us to have an attractive value proposition for our clients with DevSecOps scenarios. Dynamic testing gives very good results versus other solutions. Source: TechValidate survey of PortSwigger customers

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John Vargas

Head of Consulting