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Our pricing is designed to enable companies of all sizes to scan their web portfolios. Need more or less scanning? We can help design the right plan for your needs. Please email

Unlike most automated web vulnerability scanners, Burp Suite Enterprise Edition scans can be assigned and reassigned across any websites, applications, or URLs.

*Weekly scans are calculated based on one scan per day by each concurrent scan.

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That means no application limits - and unlimited users.

  • 1 Burp Suite Enterprise Edition server

  • Unlimited users

  • Proven Burp Suite scanning engine with browser-powered scanning

  • Single-sign on and role-based access controls

  • Scheduled, recurring, and triggered scans

  • Technical support with 24 hour SLA

  • Comprehensive technical documentation and tutorial videos

  • Summary dashboard and reporting

  • Scanning agents with no application limits

  • REST and GraphQL APIs

  • CI/CD platform integration

  • Bug and ticket systems i.e. Jira

  • Out-of-the-box scan configurations

  • API scanning

  • Recorded login sequences