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Billed annually

  • Unlimited users

  • Free technical support

  • One agent - no application limit

Simple and straightforward. $3,999 plus $399 per additional agent.

Agent-based pricing removes barriers to enterprise-wide application security.

Use multiple agents to scan in parallel.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Request your fully-featured trial here.

The trial is offered to business users.

Burp Suite Enterprise Edition agents scan your web applications. One agent is capable of scanning one web site at a time, and - unlike other vendors' products - agents can be deployed to scan an unlimited number of different web applications.

Deploying multiple agents enables you to scan multiple web applications concurrently.

Most of our customers choose to license a set of 10-50 agents.

This is generally enough agents to schedule frequent and concurrent scans across a portfolio of modern web applications or to integrate scanning into software development processes.

Burp Suite Enterprise Edition can be installed on-premise or deployed to the cloud.

You can run all of the components on a single machine, including the bundled database. This is suitable for evaluation purposes and for many production use cases. On a machine with substantial resources, a single machine should be able to comfortably support up to 10 scanning agents.

A full overview of system requirements can be found here.

If you're able to access production and pre-production applications from a single server running Burp Suite Enterprise Edition, you should only need one Burp Suite Enterprise Edition license.

However, if you will need to install Burp Suite Enterprise Edition on separate servers to scan pre-production and in-production applications, then you will need to buy multiple Burp Suite Enterprise Edition licenses.

Yes. If you want to run an instance of Burp Suite Enterprise Edition on a separate server such as to support a pre-production, test, or UAT environment, you will need an additional Burp Suite Enterprise Edition license.

No. At present, Burp Suite Enterprise Edition is only available to install on-premise or to deploy to the cloud. This has many advantages for our customers and supports the scanning of web applications that are in development or internal applications that sit behind firewalls.

However, in 2020 we will add various cloud-friendly features including optimizing how Burp Suite Enterprise Edition scales computing resources to support massive scan workloads and metered agent licensing. For more information, please see the Burp Suite roadmap for 2020.

Yes. The cost of adding an agent to a license will be calculated pro-rata according to the number of days remaining on the license.

You can pay by credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, or check.

We require payment in advance. On receipt of payment, you will receive an email containing login details for your account on our system, where you can download your license, the latest software builds, and a formal receipt for your purchase.

If you need a formal quotation, please complete the order form here.

By completing the order form here, you agree to the terms and conditions in our End User License Agreement. We do not negotiate changes to our End User License Agreement.

No. Burp Suite Enterprise Edition is priced extremely competitively.

Getting started with Burp Suite Enterprise Edition is easy. We have an easy-to-follow getting started guide, and our customer happiness team is standing by to ensure you're successful.