Reduce the costs of security testing

Gain fast feedback of security bugs by letting your developers know as soon as vulnerabilities are introduced.

Bring security testing forward in the development lifecycle, and reduce expensive penetration tests at the end of projects.

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See vulnerabilities deep inside your application using Burp Infiltrator

Our powerful IAST technology lets Burp Scanner see when data is handled unsafely within the application.

Install the Burp Infiltrator instrumentation in your staging server, and Burp will report whenever input is passed to a potentially dangerous API.

Burp reports the exact location of the issue, and the stack trace when it was triggered, allowing speedy investigation.

Using Burp Infiltrator, you can detect the most obscure and hard to reach vulnerabilities that can elude even the most powerful dynamic web scanners, due to partial input validation or unusual input transformations that can leave standard testing payloads unable to reliably trigger vulnerabilities.

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"Thanks for such a fantastic tool and for your support responses"

- Michelle Simpson, Security Consultant, NCC Group

“Burp rules them all. Keep it up. :-)”

- Russ McRee, Principal Security PM Lead, Microsoft

"Burp is my go to tool for testing web applications. It's best in class! Can't wait to see what the future holds."

- Kevin Johnson, CEO, Secure Ideas

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