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Level up your hacking, with the world's most widely used bug bounty hunting software

When it comes to bug bounty software, Burp Suite is head and shoulders above anything else. Voted the tool that "helps you most when you're hacking" by 89% of users on HackerOne. Nothing else comes close.

Burp Suite Professional's specially-designed tools will help you hit large bounties more often. To put things in perspective, the average bug bounty payout for a critical vulnerability ($3,384) would pay for an 8-year subscription to Burp Suite Professional.

Use the weapon of choice

Burp Suite Pro is the weapon of choice for over 47,000 users. The world's most widely used application security toolkit. Leverage the accumulated knowledge of the best in the business.

Work smarter - work faster

Burp Suite Pro gives you the edge. Driven by the groundbreaking work of PortSwigger Research, and packed with powerful tools like Burp Scanner, it's a Swiss Army knife for hackers.

Earn more bug bounties

With Burp Suite, you could earn more money from bug bounty hunting. Burp Suite Pro's customizable bug bounty hunting tools and extensions help you to work faster and smarter.

Stay ahead of the game

Develop your bug bounty hunting skills by using Burp Suite to identity and exploit vulnerabilities in the Web Security Academy. Free learning materials from world-class experts.

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What software, hardware or tools help you most when you're hacking?
"What software, hardware, or tools help you most when you're hacking?"

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