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Burp Suite Enterprise Edition vs. Burp Suite Professional

Do you need to scan your web estate at scale - giving you an overview of your security posture? Or do you need to make granular testing processes more efficient? Maybe you need both?

See what Burp Suite products can do for you:

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Unleash AppSec expertise to supercharge engineering, deliver fast feedback to software teams, and achieve DevSecOps.

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Test, find, and exploit vulnerabilities faster. The world's leading toolkit for web application security testing.

What will it do for us?

  • Automate dynamic scanning to scale across many applications.

  • Scale security testing.

  • Integrate scans with CI/CD and achieve DevSecOps.

  • Accelerate penetration testing workflows.

  • Enable faster and easier bug bounty hunting.

  • Perform powerful manual testing.

Who uses it?

  • AppSec teams.

  • Software development teams.

  • CISOs and CTOs.

  • AppSec centres of excellence.

  • Frontline AppSec engineers.

  • Penetration testers.

  • Bug bounty hunters.

What are the key features?

  • Fully automated scanning with simple point-and-click.

  • Ability to run concurrent scans across infinite number of web applications.

  • Integrating with CI/CD platforms.

  • Integrating with bug tracking systems and vulnerability management platforms.

  • Out-of-the-box scan configurations.

  • Dashboards to see security posture for whole or part of organization.

  • Role-based access control and single sign-on.

  • Burp Proxy for intercepting HTTP requests and responses.

  • Complete toolbox of Burp tools for penetration testing including Burp Scanner, Burp Intruder, Burp Repeater, and Burp Sequencer.

  • 250+ Burp Extensions (BApps) for customizing testing workflows.

What scanning technology does it use?

  • Burp Scanner - as trusted by over 60,000 users worldwide.

  • Browser-powered scanning using embedded Chromium browser.

  • Burp Scanner - as trusted by over 60,000 users worldwide.

  • Browser-powered scanning using embedded Chromium browser (on by default).

What about integration?

  • Universal integration with every CI platform.

  • Exposed core functionality with a GraphQL-based API.

  • Designed for use by individual testers.

  • Exposed functionality and data with a REST API.

What's the output?

  • Intuitive GUI dashboards with interactive scan results.

  • Complete or application-specific views on organization security posture with folder and site-level dashboards.

  • Expert remediation advice.

  • CI/CD feedback for development teams.

  • Integration with ticketing systems.

  • Powerful desktop interface aimed at security engineers.

  • Expert remediation advice.

  • HTML or XML scan reports.

How can we control access?

  • Role-based access control (RBAC).

  • Single sign-on (SSO).

  • Single user. No access control.

How can we set it up?

  • On-premise deployment using an interactive installer.

  • Kubernetes deployment using a Helm chart.

  • Cloud-hosted.

  • Local installation only.

What about licensing and scalability?

  • No limit to number of users per license. Designed for organizations.

  • Licensed by the number of concurrent scans you wish to perform.

  • No limit on the number of distinct applications you can scan.

  • Licensed for individual users.

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