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How Burp Suite enables the world to secure the web.

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Customer profiles

Leanne Shapton

... most of my team right now is most familiar with Burp, so it's what we knew. Leanne Shapton Application Security Engineer, Shopify

Burp Suite Enterprise Edition customer profile
Andrej Šimko

With the wide range of different extenders, almost everything can be done directly from Burp Suite without needing to use Python scripting. I extensively use OAST and IAST, which is a perfect combination for pentesting. Andrej Šimko Security Associate Manager, Accenture

Burp Suite Professional customer profile
Håkon Lønmo

Burp Suite Professional is our main tool for all manual web application testing. The Intruder module makes it easy to automate testing of different input parameters. I've also used it successfully for brute-forcing usernames or object references. Håkon Lønmo Head of Penetration Testing, BDO AS Norway

Burp Suite Professional customer profile
Caner Filibelioglu

The Chromium browser inside Burp is really huge for us - I love it. Caner Filibelioglu Red Team Leader, SabancıDx

Burp Suite Professional customer profile
Pablo García Perez

The amount of time you need to invest in order to learn Burp Suite is very small - because it doesn't involve code like other tools. Pablo García Perez Bug Bounty Hunter / Head of Finance - Wayra

Burp Suite Professional customer profile

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9/10 of surveyed application security engineers agree that Burp Suite is great value for money. Source: TechValidate survey of PortSwigger customers

Customer case studies

Web Security Academy - Hall of Fame high flyers

Johnny Villarreal interview

To find a place that had all of that information in one location, with a consistently high quality of labs, especially being free, it's a no-brainer. Why wouldn't you dive right into it?! Johnny Villarreal

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Kamil Vavra interview

I find that having Burp Suite Pro is really helpful for some of the Web Security Academy labs, so as I'm learning more skills by doing the labs I'm also learning how to use Burp Suite better as well. I just don't think I'd be able to learn the same kinds of skills, to the same level, by doing OSCP or any of those kinds of qualifications. Kamil Vavra

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Andres Rauschecker interview

PortSwigger is a huge company in the cybersecurity field that gives back and creates a community. The way that Burp has developed, how you listen to the community, and create free learning materials. It's absolutely amazing. Andres Rauschecker

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I find it very satisfying to both my sanity and my bank account that @Burp_Suite does a better job of finding vulnerabilities than every other web scanner I've used. It's stunning how bad $8K-10K web scanners are at finding even the most basic issue.


Burp Suite continues to be an amazing tool. For the price it's an elegant weapon for a more civilized age.


I don't know how I ever lived without BurpPro @PortSwigger.


If you're not using @Burp_Suite then you're not doing bug bounties right! Seriously, it took me a long time to realize Burp was a thing, but since I began using it a year ago I can no longer live without it, and that's a good thing! #bugbounty #bugbountytips


Not having access to Burp Suite Pro is like missing a limb ...


Burp Suite best tool ever! "When in doubt, just burp it!"


There are good companies with good products. some companies are even better and provide great products. above them, there is @PortSwigger: astonishing support, awesome research capabilities and a product that is simply an industry standard.


WAHH is great (and still one of my favorite books) but @WebSecAcademy is HUGE source of knowledge! And the labs are really fun.