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Customer case study


Burp Suite Professional in the professional services sector.

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Paychex, Inc. is an S&P 500 company providing outsourced payroll, human resource, and benefits services to a wide range of small to medium sized businesses. It has more than 100 locations across the US and Europe. A sizable proportion of private sector employees in the US receive their pay through Paychex.

Use case

Burp Suite Professional is important to Paychex because it allows them to:

  • Make penetration testing processes efficient.

Key features

Burp Suite Professional has a number of key features that are used by Paychex:

  • Burp Intruder, to automate customized attacks.

  • The wide array of manual tools Burp Suite Professional puts in one product.

  • Burp Repeater.


Paychex purchased Burp Suite Professional to allow their security engineer(s) to test their organization's own web applications.


The main benefit Paychex finds that it gains from using Burp Suite Professional is that:

Value statements

Brian Murtha - a penetration tester at Paychex - agreed with the following statements:

Final thoughts

Paychex had the following to share on its experience with Burp Suite Professional:

About Burp Suite Professional

Burp Suite Professional is an advanced set of tools for testing web security - all within a single product. From a basic intercepting proxy to a cutting-edge vulnerability scanner, with Burp Suite Pro, the right tool is never more than a click away.