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Prevent vulnerable apps from hitting production

Take a more proactive approach to security. Avoid costly delays by finding and fixing vulnerabilities earlier.

  • CI-driven DAST scanning without limits.

  • Seamless integration with your existing tooling.

  • Built on the Burp technology your security teams already trust.

Effective communication between development and AppSec is only half of the challenge - if your developers don't know how to fix the vulnerabilities they're accidentally introducing into the code then your development processes will never be fully secure.

Customer quote

Burp Suite Enterprise Edition's out-of-the-box integration with extensive CI platform plugins ... allowed for streamlined and agile communications between development, production, and shipping environments. Source: TechValidate survey of PortSwigger customers

CI-driven DAST scanning without limits

Burp Suite Enterprise Edition's limitless CI-driven DAST scanning reduces manual intervention and provides real-time feedback on security issues. Scale and flex your testing efforts depending on size and complexity, and continue routine scanning regardless of how many new applications are produced.

Empower your developers with the tooling and knowledge they need to shift their focus, enabling them to write and deliver code that doesn't compromise on security.

Seamless integration with your existing tooling

With an ever-growing application portfolio, and new code being shipped constantly to update existing applications, security practices need to be seamlessly integrated throughout the software development lifecycle.

Burp Suite Enterprise Edition integrates directly into your CI pipeline, automating security scans with each build. This ensures that security is an integral part of your development lifecycle.

Built on the Burp technology your teams already trust

Burp Scanner is fine-tuned to understand complex application logic, ensuring accurate and efficient vulnerability detection. Capable of finding vulnerabilities that would be missed by static analysis of an application, and powered by the world's leading research team, there's a reason that Burp Scanner is trusted by security experts and professionals around the globe.

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