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Gain complete visibility of your web application's attack surface

Improve your security posture, prioritize manual testing efforts, and free up time.

  • Automated, scheduled DAST scanning without limits.

  • Gain a complete overview of your security posture.

  • Built on the Burp technology your security teams already trust.

An extensive application portfolio means a vast attack surface for potential threat actors. All of which needs to be secured and monitored. Without the necessary time or resource to perform exhaustive manual tests, any automated solution you choose needs to be equipped to scan your entire attack surface.

Customer quote

Burp Suite makes it easy to conduct security tests against web applications. It works out of the box, and the fact that the browser can be used to test actions against a web application (whilst Burp Suite reviews responses and launches attacks) makes it extremely effective. Source: TechValidate survey of PortSwigger customers

Automated DAST scanning without limits

Burp Suite Enterprise Edition's unique concurrent scan model is indefinitely scalable, accommodating for a growing portfolio of internal and external applications. Assign and reassign scans across any websites, applications, or URLs, allowing your scanning requirements to flex and scale with your organization.

Employ Burp Suite Enterprise Edition's automated DAST scanning to identify more easily discoverable vulnerabilities, enabling your manual testers to direct their time where it's needed most.

Gain a complete overview of your security posture

When security information is scattered across various tools and platforms, it can lead to a fragmented understanding of potential risks. Consume and review results from Burp Suite Enterprise Edition's automated scans, share reports with developer and AppSec teams to prioritize manual testing, and make use of remediation advice and guidance to quickly find and resolve vulnerabilities.

Utilize Burp Suite Enterprise Edition's comprehensive dashboards and reporting to provide a clear and concise overview of your security posture, enabling more effective application of security measures and resources.

Built on the Burp technology your teams already trust

Burp Scanner is fine-tuned to understand complex application logic, ensuring accurate and efficient vulnerability detection. Capable of finding vulnerabilities that would be missed by static analysis of an application, and powered by the world's leading research team, there's a reason that Burp Scanner is trusted by security experts and professionals around the globe.

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