Organisations rated on how they store user details

As data breaches continue to risk the security , one developer has taken matters into his own hands, by holding companies to account for bad password management.

Michal Spacek is the brains behind an online database detailing how companies handle users’ passwords.

The list includes information about how passwords are stored using details released by companies including Dropbox, Deliveroo, and Facebook.

Spacek gave each company a rating based on how well they practice password security.

He also included recommendations for those with a grade lower than an A on how they can improve their own security.

Spacek wrote on Twitter: “I’ve started tracking and rating password storages and disclosures. Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, GitHub, and countless others are not afraid to tell us how they store passwords.”

It comes after he replied to a tweet by security researcher Troy Hunt, who criticized web hosting firm Bluehost for failing to disclose how they store passwords.

How companies store our details is a hot topic given the volume of data breaches being reported in recent months.

Just this week, entertainment and lifestyle website PopSugar revealed that a hack in February leaked almost 124,000 users’ information.

And Liberty Holdings continues to make headlines this week, after an incident exposed the data of clients.