It's been a while since we increased the price of Burp Suite Pro. In fact, it's cost $299 since November 2011.

Since that time, we've released 34 updates, and added over a hundred great new features, including:

  • Fully updated user interface
  • In-tool documentation
  • Support for JSON parsing and rendering
  • Various Scanner engine enhancements, including several new checks
  • Options to optimize the Scanner for speed and accuracy
  • Nested Scanner insertion points, to handle XML within JSON within a URL parameter, etc.
  • New extensibility API
  • Ability to load multiple extensions, and load/unload dynamically via the UI.
  • Support for extensions written in Python and Ruby
  • CSRF PoC generator
  • Importable / exportable SSL CA certificates
  • Workarounds for various Java SSL issues
  • Support for PKCS#11 smart card authentication
  • SSL passthrough function
  • sslstrip functionality
  • "Copy as curl command" feature
  • New Intruder payload types
  • Support for Firefox plug-n-hack
  • Numerous other small enhancements throughout the suite.

All updates are made available to licensed users without any additional charge.

Today, we pledge that we will not increase the USD price of Burp Suite Pro during 2014. Instead of hiking the price, we'll continue to add great new features. We have some fantastic ideas in the pipeline, and if all goes well we will be making one or two really big announcements in the course of 2014.

Happy new year!