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DNS pinning and web proxies

Dafydd Stuttard | 10 July 2007 at 13:10 UTC
xsrf browser security dns pinning

DNS-based attacks against browsers have been known about for years. These attacks have received increased attention recently, following the discovery of defects within browser-based DNS pinning defences.

So far, discussion has focused on browser issues. However, the same attacks can also be performed against web proxies. Browser-based DNS pinning does not apply when a web proxy is being used, because the DNS look-ups occur on the proxy, not the browser. Hence, even if DNS-based attacks are completely addressed within browsers, the problem is not going to go away altogether.

The most significant opportunities for DNS-based attacks are against web users on internal corporate networks, as a means of gaining unauthorised access to sensitive information and web applications on internal intranets. Given that a large proportion of these users access the Internet via a proxy server, attacks against web proxies may represent at least as significant a threat as those against browsers.

I've written a short paper which explains the problem, examines possible software-based solutions, and describes the defences that organisations and individuals can use to prevent attacks against them. In summary: