It's over two years since we introduced Burp project files as the long-term replacement for state files. 

Project files are vastly superior to the old state files:

  • Data is saved automatically, incrementally in real time. There is no need to specifically save your work when you are finished. If Burp exits abnormally, all its data is preserved.
  • Burp reopens project files considerably faster than state files.
  • Various areas of data that were never included in state files (such as the Scanner's issue activity log) are included in project files.

Since project files were introduced, we've made numerous enhancements to the feature:

  • You can import another project file, to merge two projects together.
  • You can save a backup copy of your project file, either manually or automatically on a schedule.
  • If the OS filesystem becomes damaged, Burp can repair any recoverable data from corrupted project files very effectively.

Until now, we've preserved the ability to save state files, to support people who were slow to make the transition. 

That will soon change, and you will no longer be able to save new state files. So if you haven't started using project files, now is definitely the time to do so.

You'll still be able to load old state files for the foreseeable future, so you'll have no problems reopening old work that was saved in that format.