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Sample Burp Suite extension: custom logger

Dafydd Stuttard | 14 December 2012 at 16:12 UTC
burp extender

This extension provides something that has often been requested: a suite-wide HTTP logger within the main Burp UI. It provides a great example of how you can add some really useful functionality to Burp with a very small amount of code or effort.

The extension uses the following techniques, which are made possible by the new extensibility API:

In approximately 200 lines of fairly simple code, this extension adds a useful new feature, with all of the fiddly work (handling and rendering of HTTP messages) being done by Burp itself via the API.

Download the custom logger extension. The download includes source code for Java and Python, and the compiled JAR file for Java.

[Disclaimer: My Python fu is weak. In fact, this series of Burp extensions is the only Python code I've ever written. This extension is a bit more complicated than the earlier ones. Apologies to any Python heads if my code makes you cringe.]