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Simplified cloud deployment for Burp Suite Enterprise Edition

Dayna Shoemaker | 26 March 2021 at 14:40 UTC
Last year, we made Burp Suite Enterprise Edition cloud-friendly. Organizations migrating to the cloud, or taking a cloud-first approach, are able to deploy Burp Suite Enterprise Edition to AWS or Azure. We have additional cloud services support planned for the future, so stay tuned for further updates.

Since the initial launch of our cloud-friendly solution, we have been working on a number of cloud deployment enhancements. The improvements in our latest 2021.3.1 release will support faster, more efficient setup, and give you additional configuration options to help you meet your security requirements. 

AWS CloudFormation template changes

If you are looking to deploy Burp Suite Enterprise Edition within your AWS cloud infrastructure, we have created a number of improvements to the existing process. These are designed to provide simplification, as well as additional options for configuration to meet your specific deployment requirements:

Azure Resource Manager improvements

Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates are the Microsoft Azure version of AWS CloudFormation templates. They enable you to quickly spin up infrastructure with set configurations. In this way, you can more efficiently set up the infrastructure to deploy Burp Suite Enterprise Edition using an ARM template. 

While a template has previously been available for those on Azure cloud, we now provide nested templates to facilitate separate deployment of infrastructure and application. This is helpful if you want to instantiate a subset of the infrastructure while using existing resources for the remainder.

Burp Suite Enterprise Edition for the cloud

Get started with the latest version of Burp Suite Enterprise Edition for the cloud.