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The Month of Burp Pr0n

Dafydd Stuttard | 01 November 2008 at 10:48 UTC
MoBP burp

The next release of Burp Suite is near to completion, and will be made available during December if all goes well. This is a significant upgrade, with major enhancements to several existing components, and some exciting brand new tools. In fact, the new release is the biggest step forward in Burp's history, with over 50% of the codebase being new code. It's been a marathon effort, believe me.

Every day during November, I'll be blogging about a different feature of the new release, demonstrating how the functionality works and how it can help you to attack web applications more easily and effectively. I'm also keen to get feedback on the new features and receive requests for further enhancements, so please leave comments or email me. Work on the final version is ongoing, so there is still time to change things and add new features if people have good ideas.

And by the way, anyone who asks for a beta version at this stage owes me a beer. All in good time.