PortSwigginars - the PortSwigger take on a webinar - are regular drop-in sessions held by our team of Enterprise Advocates and Tech Support Engineers.

What can I get from attending a PortSwigginar?

If you are new to Burp Suite Enterprise Edition, or would like a refresher on its application, then PortSwigginars are a great place to see it in action. We typically cover our unique licensing model, a full product demo, and any new roadmap updates. You're likely to benefit from attending - or watching a previous PortSwigginar - if:

Upcoming PortSwigginars


Time: 11:00am Eastern time (US and Canada).

Date: August 10, 2022.


Time: 12:00pm Eastern time (US and Canada).

Date: September 7, 2022.

Previous PortSwigginars

July 13

Hosts: Alex and Sophie.

July 7

Hosts: Adam and Alex.

June 22

Hosts: Alex and Hannah.

June 9

Hosts: Adam and Alex.

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