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Burp Repeater

Burp Repeater is a tool for manually modifying and reissuing individual HTTP requests, and analyzing their responses. Using Burp Repeater, you can:

  • Send requests from other Burp Suite tools to test manually in Burp Repeater.
  • Work on each base request in a separate tab, to avoid confusion.
  • Repeatedly change and resubmit the same request, and review the response.
  • Automatically or manually follow redirections where appropriate.
  • Step backwards and forwards through the request history within each tab, to quickly compare the results of different attack variants.
  • Easily analyze all kinds of content, with automatic colorizing of request and response syntax, rendering of web content, and parsing of serialization schemes like AMF.
  • Send interesting items to other Burp Suite tools with a single click.
  • Save all of your work, and resume working later.

Used in conjunction with the rest of Burp Suite, the Repeater tool is frequently invaluable when fine-tuning attacks to find or exploit security vulnerabilities.

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