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Vulnerability Scanner

Burp Scanner

Burp Intruder

Full speed, unthrottled Burp Intruder

OAST Tools

OAST tools (Burp Collaborator)

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Burp Scanner

Burp Scanner will save you hours of work. Why waste time manually searching for bugs like XSS when Burp can find them more easily? And this isn't just limited to classic bug classes - from HTTP request smuggling to web cache poisoning, Burp Scanner can find it.

Full speed, unthrottled Burp Intruder

If you liked Burp Intruder in Community Edition, you're going to love it in Pro. Enjoy lightning-fast fuzzing and bruteforcing with a full, unthrottled attack engine.

OAST tools (Burp Collaborator)

Burp Suite Pro gives you access to our pioneering out-of-band security testing (OAST) system, Burp Collaborator. OAST scanning and manual tools make bugs like server-side request forgery and blind SQL injection much easier to detect.

Save and retrieve projects

No more open windows. With Burp Suite Pro, you can save the project you're working on and come back to it whenever you like.

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"Using a @Burp_Suite Pro license again after years of occasional community version usage... What a good feeling" #burpBestPentestingTool


"The difference in using @Burp_Suite Pro over Regular is actually so worth it"


"The price tag for the professional edition is more than reasonable for what you get when upgrading from community. Well worth it and a tool I can't live without."


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