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Enjoy faster, more reliable security testing - with the world's leading toolkit.

Burp Scanner, Burp Collaborator, Burp Intruder
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The Burp Suite Professional difference

Test faster - key features include:

  • Burp Scanner - find more vulnerabilities, faster - and automate your own custom functionality.

  • Pro-specific BApp extensions - harness the full power of the Burp Suite user community.

  • Burp Suite Project Files - automatically save a complete record of your testing activity.

Burp Suite Professional - the choice of over 53,000 security professionals, worldwide

Burp Suite enables its users to accelerate application security testing, no matter what their use case. But if you carry out security testing as part of your job, then there are a whole host of reasons you'll love Burp Suite Professional.

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Automation gives you more time

Burp Suite Professional is packed with a host of automated and semi-automated features that save professional users time.

Productivity tools for professionals

Benefit from the toolkit designed and used by professional testers. Burp Suite Professional helps you test, report, and remediate more effectively.

Customize your experience

Burp Suite Professional is made to be customized. Build on its powerful automation with exclusive BApps - or use its API to create your own functionality.

All your favorite tools, and much more ...

Burp Suite Professional builds on the basic toolkit provided in Burp Suite Community Edition, to give you the edge when test speed and reliability are vital to success.

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Tools for manual web security testing.

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Faster, more reliable security testing for AppSec professionals.

What's included?

  • HTTP(s) / WebSockets proxy and history.

  • Essential tools - Repeater, Decoder, Sequencer, and Comparer.

  • Burp Intruder (demo).

  • Everything from Community Edition, plus ...

  • Project files (save your work).

  • Orchestrate custom attacks (Burp Intruder - full version).

  • Web vulnerability scanner.

  • Pro-exclusive BApp extensions.

  • Search function.

  • Auto and manual OAST testing (Burp Collaborator).

  • Automatically crawl and discover content to test.

  • And much more ...

Upgrade now - $449

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