Burp Suite Pricing

How much does Burp Suite Cost?

Burp Suite Professional licenses are priced per user per year. A user means an in individual person and not a concurrent user or anything else.

Burp Suite Enterprise Edition pricing consists of a fixed price per year for the core product (that includes one agent) plus a price per year for each additional agent. Each agent is capable of scanning one website at a time.

Can I have a formal quotation?

You can self-generate a formal order quotation:

Here for Burp Suite Professional.

Here for Burp Suite Enterprise.

Quotations are valid for 90 days.

How much does it cost add a new user to a Burp Suite Professional license or an agent to a Burp Suite Enterprise Edition license?

The cost of adding a new user or agent is calculated pro rata according to the number of days remaining on the license. So, if you add a new user or agent halfway through an annual license period, the cost of adding the user or agent will be half the cost of an annual license for the relevant product.

What is the renewal price?

The cost for a renewal is the same as the cost of a new license.

Are discounts available for charities, educational or government use?

Sorry, no special discounts are available. Compared to other tools, Burp is priced extremely competitively. We prefer to keep our headline price low and charge the same to everyone.

Can I buy a multi-year license?

Yes, you can buy one, two or three year licenses online.

Can I upgrade my existing Burp Suite Pro licenses, to an Enterprise License?

No, Burp Suite Professional and Burp Suite Enterprise are two different products, so there is no upgrade path.