Burp Suite Professional Installation and License Activations

I have received a message saying no more activations or activation failed for my Burp Suite Professional license.

Each installation of Burp Suite Professional requires an activation. If you receive a message saying no more activations or activation failed then you have reached an activation limit so please email us and we will assist you. So long as you are compliant with our licensing terms including being licensed for the correct number of individual people to ever use the software we are happy to provide additional activations from time to time.

Can I install Burp Suite Professional software on more than one computer?

Each installation of Burp Suite Professional needs to be activated before it will operate. We recognize that users may need to install Burp on more than one computer. Within reason, additional activations are allowed provided that you abide by the license terms. We reserve the right to limit the number of activations allowed per license, and to prevent further activations if this limit is exceeded.

How many people can use a Burp Suite Professional license under your licensing agreement?

Each Burp Suite Professional license is valid for a certain number of users. This number can be specified during the ordering process and is displayed within the license caption. The number of users on your license must be sufficient for the number of users who ever make use of the software. For the avoidance of doubt, "users" means actual individual people, not concurrent users or installations or anything else.

How do I remove Burp Suite Professional software or license from a machine?

You can remove Burp Suite Professional from your computer by accessing the About menu, then "Clean Burp from computer", then "Remove Burp license key". Please note this process does not reduce the number of recorded license activations.