Here is a brief tour of the major releases of Burp from over the years. I can't believe it's been over 10 years already!

Burp v1.0

  • Released June 2003
  • First incarnation of Intruder tool
  • Includes burp sound effects you can't turn off

Burp Proxy v1.0 

  • Released August 2003
  • Basic intercepting proxy
  • Text / hex views
  • History feature


  • Released August 2003
  • First incarnation of Repeater tool
  • So-called because it simply opens a socket and sends a request to it

Burp Proxy v1.1

  • Released January 2004
  • Tons more options!
  • Supports chained proxy, authentication, match-and-replace
  • Getting pretty sophisticated now

Burp Spider v1.0

  • Released March 2004
  • Application-aware spider
  • Can follow links and submit forms

Burp Repeater v1.1

  • Released July 2005
  • New name for the sock tool
  • Adds chained proxy and authentication options

Burp Suite v1.0

  • Released August 2005
  • All four Burp tools together
  • Items can be easily sent between tools to speed up testing
  • Supports passive spidering as you browse
  • Extensibility
  • A huge breakthrough!

Burp Suite v1.1

  • Released November 2007
  • New Sequencer, Decoder and Comparer tools
  • New analysis of HTTP messages

Burp Suite v1.2

  • Released December 2008
  • Burp Scanner arrives
  • New site map
  • Tons of cool new features: scope control, view filters, search, invisible proxying
  • The infamous Month of Burp Pr0n is published
  • This is the big leap forwards!

Burp Suite v1.3

  • Released January 2010
  • Improved rendering and analysis of HTTP messages
  • Content discovery
  • Target analysis
  • The crucial manual testing simulator

Burp Suite v1.4

  • Released June 2011
  • New logo (still home-made)
  • Session handling rules and macros
  • New ways to test access controls
  • Works properly on OS X now

Burp Suite v1.5

  • Released October 2012
  • Another new logo (a proper one this time)
  • New UI, with bells, whistles and capital letters.
  • In-tool documentation
  • Lots of cool new features