For a long time, we've released updates to Burp Suite Free Edition every year or so, when Burp gets a new major version number. The Professional Edition is updated much more frequently, often a few times per month.

We've decided to change the Free Edition release cycle, for two reasons:

  • From time to time, we apply fixes within Burp to accommodate changes in modern browsers, cryptographic standards, or other developments. It's not good for the Free Edition to lag behind on these kind of updates.
  • We work continuously on incremental enhancements to Burp, and it is sometimes artificial to pick a particular update out as being a "major" release. We don't want to be incrementing our major version number solely because we're overdue an update of the Free Edition.

Starting today, we will release updates to the Free Edition of Burp much more frequently. Every few versions of the Professional Edition will be accompanied by an update to the Free Edition. Since the majority of updates to the Professional Edition only change features within that edition, such as Burp Scanner, it isn't necessary to update the Free Edition every time. But we will do so periodically whenever changes have been made that apply to both editions.

Of course, the Free Edition of Burp will always continue to remain free of charge, and the frequent updates we make to the Professional Edition will still be made available to licensed users without any additional charge.