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Web applications are at increasing risk from hacker attacks

Most web sites contain security flaws that could lead to data theft.

Cyber criminals constantly discover new vulnerabilities and techniques for compromising web applications.

Organizations that get hacked suffer damage to reputation and loss of business.

Unfixed web security vulnerabilities can lead to compliance failures or legal exposure

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  • Burp’s web scanner is developed by world-leading security experts.
  • Ours is often the first scanner to detect new vulnerabilities like server-side template injection.
  • We consistently innovate and push the boundaries of automated web vulnerability scanning. Burp Scanner pioneered the use of out-of-band vulnerability detection, via Burp Collaborator.
  • The most widely used web vulnerability scanner, with over 25,000 users.
  • Supports the latest web application technologies including REST, JSON, AJAX and SOAP.
Burp Collaborator out of band security vulnerability

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