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Issue Definitions

This listing contains the definitions of all issues that can be detected by Burp Scanner.

Name Typical severity Type index
OS command injection High 0x00100100
SQL injection High 0x00100200
SQL injection (second order) High 0x00100210
ASP.NET tracing enabled High 0x00100280
File path traversal High 0x00100300
XML external entity injection High 0x00100400
LDAP injection High 0x00100500
XPath injection High 0x00100600
XML injection Medium 0x00100700
ASP.NET debugging enabled Medium 0x00100800
HTTP PUT method is enabled High 0x00100900
Out-of-band resource load (HTTP) High 0x00100a00
File path manipulation High 0x00100b00
PHP code injection High 0x00100c00
Server-side JavaScript code injection High 0x00100d00
Perl code injection High 0x00100e00
Ruby code injection High 0x00100f00
Python code injection High 0x00100f10
Expression Language injection High 0x00100f20
Unidentified code injection High 0x00101000
Server-side template injection High 0x00101080
SSI injection High 0x00101100
Cross-site scripting (stored) High 0x00200100
HTTP request smuggling High 0x00200140
Web cache poisoning High 0x00200180
HTTP response header injection High 0x00200200
Cross-site scripting (reflected) High 0x00200300
Client-side template injection High 0x00200308
Cross-site scripting (DOM-based) High 0x00200310
Cross-site scripting (reflected DOM-based) High 0x00200311
Cross-site scripting (stored DOM-based) High 0x00200312
JavaScript injection (DOM-based) High 0x00200320
JavaScript injection (reflected DOM-based) High 0x00200321
JavaScript injection (stored DOM-based) High 0x00200322
Path-relative style sheet import Information 0x00200328
Client-side SQL injection (DOM-based) High 0x00200330
Client-side SQL injection (reflected DOM-based) High 0x00200331
Client-side SQL injection (stored DOM-based) High 0x00200332
WebSocket URL poisoning (DOM-based) High 0x00200340
WebSocket URL poisoning (reflected DOM-based) High 0x00200341
WebSocket URL poisoning (stored DOM-based) High 0x00200342
Local file path manipulation (DOM-based) High 0x00200350
Local file path manipulation (reflected DOM-based) High 0x00200351
Local file path manipulation (stored DOM-based) High 0x00200352
Client-side XPath injection (DOM-based) Low 0x00200360
Client-side XPath injection (reflected DOM-based) Low 0x00200361
Client-side XPath injection (stored DOM-based) Low 0x00200362
Client-side JSON injection (DOM-based) Low 0x00200370
Client-side JSON injection (reflected DOM-based) Low 0x00200371
Client-side JSON injection (stored DOM-based) Low 0x00200372
Flash cross-domain policy High 0x00200400
Silverlight cross-domain policy High 0x00200500
Cross-origin resource sharing Information 0x00200600
Cross-origin resource sharing: arbitrary origin trusted High 0x00200601
Cross-origin resource sharing: unencrypted origin trusted Low 0x00200602
Cross-origin resource sharing: all subdomains trusted Low 0x00200603
Cross-site request forgery Medium 0x00200700
SMTP header injection Medium 0x00200800
Cleartext submission of password High 0x00300100
External service interaction (DNS) High 0x00300200
External service interaction (HTTP) High 0x00300210
External service interaction (SMTP) Information 0x00300220
Referer-dependent response Information 0x00400100
Spoofable client IP address Information 0x00400110
User agent-dependent response Information 0x00400120
Password returned in later response Medium 0x00400200
Password submitted using GET method Low 0x00400300
Password returned in URL query string Low 0x00400400
SQL statement in request parameter Medium 0x00400480
Cross-domain POST Information 0x00400500
ASP.NET ViewState without MAC enabled High 0x00400600
XML entity expansion Medium 0x00400700
Long redirection response Information 0x00400800
Serialized object in HTTP message High 0x00400900
Duplicate cookies set Information 0x00400a00
Input returned in response (stored) Information 0x00400b00
Input returned in response (reflected) Information 0x00400c00
Suspicious input transformation (reflected) Information 0x00400d00
Suspicious input transformation (stored) Information 0x00400e00
Request URL override Information 0x00400f00
Vulnerable JavaScript dependency Low 0x00500080
Open redirection (reflected) Low 0x00500100
Open redirection (stored) Medium 0x00500101
Open redirection (DOM-based) Low 0x00500110
Open redirection (reflected DOM-based) Low 0x00500111
Open redirection (stored DOM-based) Medium 0x00500112
TLS cookie without secure flag set Medium 0x00500200
Cookie scoped to parent domain Low 0x00500300
Cross-domain Referer leakage Information 0x00500400
Cross-domain script include Information 0x00500500
Cookie without HttpOnly flag set Low 0x00500600
Session token in URL Medium 0x00500700
Password field with autocomplete enabled Low 0x00500800
Password value set in cookie Medium 0x00500900
File upload functionality Information 0x00500980
Frameable response (potential Clickjacking) Information 0x005009a0
Browser cross-site scripting filter disabled Information 0x005009b0
HTTP TRACE method is enabled Information 0x00500a00
Cookie manipulation (DOM-based) Low 0x00500b00
Cookie manipulation (reflected DOM-based) Low 0x00500b01
Cookie manipulation (stored DOM-based) Low 0x00500b02
Ajax request header manipulation (DOM-based) Low 0x00500c00
Ajax request header manipulation (reflected DOM-based) Low 0x00500c01
Ajax request header manipulation (stored DOM-based) Low 0x00500c02
Denial of service (DOM-based) Information 0x00500d00
Denial of service (reflected DOM-based) Information 0x00500d01
Denial of service (stored DOM-based) Low 0x00500d02
HTML5 web message manipulation (DOM-based) Information 0x00500e00
HTML5 web message manipulation (reflected DOM-based) Information 0x00500e01
HTML5 web message manipulation (stored DOM-based) Information 0x00500e02
HTML5 storage manipulation (DOM-based) Information 0x00500f00
HTML5 storage manipulation (reflected DOM-based) Information 0x00500f01
HTML5 storage manipulation (stored DOM-based) Information 0x00500f02
Link manipulation (DOM-based) Low 0x00501000
Link manipulation (reflected DOM-based) Low 0x00501001
Link manipulation (stored DOM-based) Low 0x00501002
Link manipulation (reflected) Information 0x00501003
Link manipulation (stored) Information 0x00501004
Document domain manipulation (DOM-based) Medium 0x00501100
Document domain manipulation (reflected DOM-based) Medium 0x00501101
Document domain manipulation (stored DOM-based) Medium 0x00501102
DOM data manipulation (DOM-based) Information 0x00501200
DOM data manipulation (reflected DOM-based) Information 0x00501201
DOM data manipulation (stored DOM-based) Information 0x00501202
CSS injection (reflected) Medium 0x00501300
CSS injection (stored) Medium 0x00501301
Client-side HTTP parameter pollution (reflected) Low 0x00501400
Client-side HTTP parameter pollution (stored) Low 0x00501401
Form action hijacking (reflected) Medium 0x00501500
Form action hijacking (stored) Medium 0x00501501
Database connection string disclosed Medium 0x00600080
Source code disclosure Low 0x006000b0
Backup file Information 0x006000d8
Directory listing Information 0x00600100
Email addresses disclosed Information 0x00600200
Private IP addresses disclosed Information 0x00600300
Social security numbers disclosed Information 0x00600400
Credit card numbers disclosed Information 0x00600500
Private key disclosed Information 0x00600550
Robots.txt file Information 0x00600600
Cacheable HTTPS response Information 0x00700100
Base64-encoded data in parameter Information 0x00700200
Multiple content types specified Information 0x00800100
HTML does not specify charset Information 0x00800200
HTML uses unrecognized charset Information 0x00800300
Content type incorrectly stated Low 0x00800400
Content type is not specified Information 0x00800500
TLS certificate Medium 0x01000100
Unencrypted communications Low 0x01000200
Strict transport security not enforced Low 0x01000300
Mixed content Information 0x01000400
Hidden HTTP 2 Information 0x01000500
Extension generated issue Information 0x08000000

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