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Preset scan modes

  • Last updated: March 1, 2024

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Burp Scanner's scan modes are predefined collections of scan settings. They offer a quick way to adjust how the scan balances speed and coverage.

There are four preset scan modes:

  • Lightweight is the fastest scan mode, with scans capped at 15 minutes in length. It is useful in situations where you need fast feedback on a target.
  • Fast is intended to give you a general overview of a site's security posture quickly.
  • Balanced is useful for general-purpose scanning. It is designed to give a good balance between coverage and speed.
  • Deep is intended to give you an in-depth look at a site's security posture. The time taken to run a scan using the Deep configuration depends heavily on the site's size and complexity.

You can only select one preset scan mode for a site in Burp Suite Enterprise Edition and Burp Suite Professional. If you want to combine different configurations together on a single site, use a custom configuration instead.

Setting preset scan modes for folders

In Burp Suite Enterprise Edition, it's possible to select a preset scan mode for folders, subfolders, and sites. If you select a preset scan mode at multiple levels, Burp Scanner only runs the preset scan mode that you set at the lowest level. For more information, see Defining the scan configuration for a folder.

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