Submitting BChecks to the community

  • Last updated: March 1, 2024

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When you write a BCheck for Burp Suite, you can share it with the community. This collaboration enables the community to access an ever-growing library of BChecks, through our BChecks repository on GitHub.

Step 1 - Check the submission guidelines

Before you submit your BCheck, check that it meets the submission guidelines.

Step 2 - Make a pull request

Once you're happy with your BCheck, you can create a pull request in GitHub:

  1. Export your BCheck from Burp. For more information, see Exporting BChecks.
  2. Log in to GitHub.
  3. Create a fork from the PortSwigger BChecks repository. For more information on creating a fork, see the GitHub instructions for forking a repo.
  4. Clone the fork onto your local machine, and make a new branch for your change.
  5. Add your BCheck to your new branch, and commit and push your changes.
  6. Create a pull request against the PortSwigger BChecks repository.

Step 3 - We review your BCheck

We'll review your BCheck using a combination of automated and manual checks, to make sure it meets our submission guidelines. We'll add any feedback to your open pull request.

Once the review is complete, we'll merge your BCheck into the PortSwigger BChecks repository.

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