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Now take your skills to the next level

with the Web Security Academy

Completely free

Completely free

Accessible learning resources for all - continuously updated with the latest vulnerabilities.

Interactive labs

180+ interactive labs

Work through labs from XSS to SQL injection - then use Burp to test for the OWASP Top 10.

Enhance your skills

Enhance your skills

Learn how to discover and exploit vulnerabilities, whatever your skill level or role.

Learn from the best

Learn from the best

Content created by industry leaders James Kettle, Gareth Heyes, and Dafydd Stuttard.

I love the #websecurityacademy because it explains the topics really well. I've always recommended new bug hunters to read "The Web Application Hacker's Handbook but #websecurityacademy has now matured to the point where it completely replaces that book.


I love the #websecurityacademy because it does not discriminate on your knowledge; It is dynamic, it has a good support team behind it, it is free and simple to use, and I can even use it in my reports as a reference for developers who want to understand an issue!


I love the #websecurityacademy because it provides great teachings for not only beginners, but for the professionals also. The content keeps on growing as the industry evolves and ITS FREE.... YES ITS FREE!!!!


I love the #websecurityacademy because IMO, it's one of the best free practical web security courses out there, that isn't snake oil. It helped broaden my knowledge of latest web vulns with top notch practical labs, and has greatly improved my understanding of complex vulns!