Burp now includes full documentation within the software itself:

  • New help documentation is completely rewritten and up to date
  • Comprehensive - 65,000 words
  • Logically organized into 300 individual sections
  • Includes every Burp function and configuration option
  • Step-by-step "getting started" help for newbies
  • Detailed help on using Burp in your testing methodology
  • Advanced topics for Burp power users

You can open the main help window via the Help menu. Contextual help is also provided throughout Burp. Next to any function or option, you can click the "?" button to view relevant help in a pop-up. And if necessary, you can drill down from there into the main help itself.

Hopefully this will enable Burp users at all levels to understand Burp's capabilities more fully, and make your testing with Burp even more effective.

This is a release candidate for Burp v1.5.