This release contains minor updates to the 2020.2 release.

There are further enhancements to the custom Collaborator content options that were introduced in version 2020.2. You can now host custom robots.txt and crossdomain.xml files at arbitrary URLs on your Collaborator server.

We have also improved the handling of XML reports by stripping any null values.

The general improvements to the HTTP message editor continue, with this release providing the following bug fixes:

  • The message editor no longer freezes when editing some requests containing JSON data.
  • Binary data is now preserved in its original state even if you make changes to the request.
  • Arrow keys no longer stop working if your request becomes longer than the viewport.
  • Arrow keys now work with extensions, provided that they use the same key mappings.
  • When clicking on a wrapped line, the cursor is now placed exactly where you click.

The issue definition links now also work correctly on the latest version of Kali Linux.

As always, we've also implemented several minor bug fixes across the product.