Professional / Community 2021.3.2

17 March 2021 at 15:43 UTC


This release strengthens support for HTTP/2 and turns it on by default. It also fixes several bugs.

HTTP/2 support

We have strengthened support for HTTP/2 within Burp Suite. HTTP/2 support is now turned on by default and is no longer considered experimental. Burp will interact with targets via HTTP/2 when a target supports it.

HTTP/2 support brings a significant performance improvement to the network layer, benefiting Scanner and Intruder speed. It also provides future compatibility with any site that no longer supports HTTP/1.1.

If you prefer not to use HTTP/2, you can disable its use under Project Options / HTTP.

Bug fixes

This release provides several minor improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • The crawler no longer produces an error when it encounters request bodies that contain JSON literals when it is crawling OpenAPI definitions.
  • Burp Suite now shuts down correctly on macOS.
  • The number of characters selected now shows in the message inspector when selecting non-editable messages.
  • Custom menu items added by extensions are now shown in a sub-menu of the context menu, to avoid cluttering.
  • The hash algorithm list within Burp Decoder is now sorted alphanumerically.
  • The resource pool button is now disabled when configuring a live passive crawl, as this crawl does not make requests.
  • The automatic backup progress dialog box no longer appears if Burp Suite is minimized.