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Meet the Swiggers

James K

James K

Director of Research


I'm the director of research here at PortSwigger, where I spend my time researching and inventing novel techniques to hack websites. I then share these techniques with the world via conference presentations and the Web Security Academy - and implement them into Burp Scanner of course. I love seeing how hackers are adapting and developing my techniques to find new vulnerabilities for themselves.

In my spare time I enjoy cycling excessive distances as it's a great means of getting away from my computer - which I bought using a bounty payout, with Bitcoin. Please note, I do have a more sensible bio as well.

What was your first computer?

My very first computer was a 486, on which I coded a bar-fighting text adventure using QBasic. The sprawling single-file codebase had no structure or functions, and no control flow except IF and GOTO. It remains the most "dynamic" experience I've ever created.

Do you have any cool or interesting side projects?

I'm really lucky in that I get to implement most of my good ideas at work. That said, there is hackxor.net.

What's your most used web application?

Nice try. No really - you'll just have to guess.

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