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Meet the Swiggers

Mark W

Mark W

Java Developer


At university, I did a degree and PhD in Chemistry, followed by a brief foray into academia and a year living in Germany. After deciding to change careers, I completed a Diploma in Computing with the OU and started my professional IT career on a graduate programme for a large IT organization.

I've worked in a number of companies as a Java Developer since then. However, I joined PortSwigger in May 2019 and haven't looked back.

What has been your best day working at PortSwigger?

All days at PortSwigger are good, but cycling to work in the sunshine sets me up well for the day.

What is your favorite thing about working at PortSwigger?

The people. Everyone has different skills, backgrounds, approaches and passions, but we all work together to build and improve useful products.

If you could have lunch with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be?

I lost my Dad to cancer at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and due to restrictions in place was not able to say goodbye, so I'd choose to have one last lunch with him.

Who would play you in the film adaptation of your life?

Either Chris Boardman, because he'd make my cycling look a lot better than it is and I admire the work that he does to promote cycling in the UK. Or Danny Macaskill, because the stunts he does on a bike would spice up an otherwise dull film.

Do you have any cool or interesting side projects?

I don't have much time for side projects, but I've been helping my son with various electronics and Microbit projects. We've just built a car with a remote control, and are now looking at how we can improve it.

What do you think makes PortSwigger different?

PortSwigger doesn't want to be the same as other companies. It is always prepared to question and improve everything that it does.

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