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Meet the Swiggers

Sophie S

Sophie S

Customer Champion


As an 18 year old Northern Irish girl from a small town, 20 miles from Belfast, I took a trip across the pond to Manchester to study Speech and Language Therapy at the University of Manchester. In 2016, after completing my 4 year degree, I took some time out to do a bit of traveling, covering Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, Japan, finishing off in New Zealand where I spent 11 months living and working in Wellington. After returning to the UK, I pursued healthcare and worked with individuals with poor mental health and dementia.

In 2018 I noticed an advert about AI on the tv and after a bit of research it was decided, I wanted to learn more about the wonderful world of technology! As a non-techie, I searched for a role where I could still use my passion for helping people combined with my desire to learn about technology. I found the best of both worlds and landed a role as a technology recruiter. Eighteen months in, I had been speaking to technology professionals day in day out, learning about their roles, the latest trends, the technology they were working with and how it all fitted in and applied to the world we live in. I developed a fascination with cyber security and decided to pitch myself into a new role - becoming a Customer Champion at PortSwigger! I've been here since June 2020, speaking to customers daily, learning about their security initiatives and providing resources and support to enable them a successful experience with Burp Suite!

What makes up the majority of a normal day for you at PortSwigger?

Speaking to prospective customers. I spend the majority of my day replying to emails answering questions and providing support or on calls chatting with trialists.

If you could have lunch with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be?

David Attenborough! I absolutely love older people and I love traveling so I would be fascinated to learn about his life experiences and achievements. I bet he would give the best life advice too.

What would your superhero power be and why?

The ability to teleport. I have friends and family based all over the world, combined with the fact that I love traveling, so it would be pretty handy to cut out all the unnecessary time spent traveling places and just be able to teleport!

Do you have any cool or interesting side projects?

I've recently moved from a Manchester city center apartment to a house in Knutsford so I have acquired a new hobby in upcycling furniture. I have become a bit obsessed with buying furniture from Facebook marketplace and giving it a lease of new life. If anyone has any second hand furniture in need of some love, I'm your girl!

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