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Java Deserialization Scanner

This extension gives Burp Suite the ability to find Java deserialization vulnerabilities.

It adds checks to both the active and passive scanner and can also be used in an "Intruder like" manual mode, with a dedicated tab.

The extension allows the user to discover and exploit Java Deserialization Vulnerabilities with different encodings (Raw, Base64, Ascii Hex, GZIP, Base64 GZIP) when the following libraries are loaded in the target JVM:

  • Apache Commons Collections 3 (up to 3.2.1), with four different chains
  • Apache Commons Collections 4 (up to 4.4.0), with two different chains
  • Spring (up to 4.2.2)
  • Java 6 and Java 7 (up to Jdk7u21) without any weak library
  • Hibernate 5
  • JSON
  • Rome
  • Java 8 (up to Jdk8u20) without any weak library
  • Apache Commons BeanUtils

New CPU mode is able to detect deserialization issues also without the presence of any vulnerable library, thanks to the work of Wouter Coekaerts https://gist.github.com/coekie/a27cc406fc9f3dc7a70d

After that a Java deserialization vulnerability has been found, a dedicated exploitation tab offers a comfortable interface to exploit deserialization vulnerabilities using frohoff ysoserial https://github.com/frohoff/ysoserial

Mini walkthrough: https://techblog.mediaservice.net/2017/05/reliable-discovery-and-exploitation-of-java-deserialization-vulnerabilities/

Author Federico Dotta
Version 0.5
Last updated 27 June 2017

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