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Additional CSRF Checks

This extension helps find weak CSRF-protection that can be bypassed. For example, content type based protection for API (Rest API, GraphQL API, etc) or CSRF-protection based on obscure data formats (binary format, etc) are known to be weak. Some tricks to bypass CSRF-protection were presented at ZeroNights 2017 conference.

The extension is not a scanner. A scanner implementation doesn't allow you to quickly check large WebApp with a mixture of APIs and endpoints for CSRF vulnerabilities. Also a scanner implementation has more false positives/negatives. This extension is a trade-off between manual and fully automatic check.

The extension automatically makes changes to POST/PUT/DELETE/PATCH requests and highlights modified requests in the Proxy HTTP history. To use it, you need to trigger actions in the WebApp, and judge by looking at the WebApp's UI which modified requests have failed or succeeded. Actions that are successful after modification are potentially interesting, and you should investigate them deeper.

Because the extension makes quite aggressive modifications to requests, it is disbaled by default. Enable it when you want to perform CSRF checks.

With EasyCSRF you can find APIs or endpoints that have weak CSRF-protection based on content type, referrer, obscure data format, etc.

The Settings tab provides the following options:

  • Enable/disable EasyCSRF extension.
  • Modify all or only in-scope requests.
  • Remove HTTP headers that are used for CSRF-protection.
  • Remove CSRF-token from parameters. URL-encoded, multipart, JSON parameters are supported.
  • Change PUT/DELETE/PATCH method to POST.
  • Convert URL-encoded body to JSON format.
  • Set text/plain value for Content-Type header.
  • Change POST/PUT/DELETE/PATCH request to GET request for url-encoded requests.
Author Mikhail Egorov
Version 2.1
Last updated 14 December 2018

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