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Command Injection Attacker

This extension is a customizable payload generator, suitable for detecting OS command injection flaws during dynamic testing - which is usually conducted with no access to the source code or the filesystem. Creation of SUCCESSFUL payloads in this kind of assessments requires a lot of guesswork, especially:

  • The eventual syntax of the expression we are injecting into (e.g. quoted expressions)
  • Input sanitizing mechanisms rejecting individual characters (e.g. spaces)
  • Platform-specific conditions (e.g. there is no "sleep" on windows)
  • Callback method (e.g. asynchronous execution, no outbound traffic allowed)

The purpose of creating this tool was to reach the non-trivial OS command injection cases, which stay undetected by generally known and used tools and sets of payloads.

Author Julian Horoszkiewicz, Secarma Ltd.
Version 2.0
Last updated 27 June 2018

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