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CORS*, Additional CORS Checks


This extension can be used to test websites for CORS misconfigurations. It can spot trivial misconfigurations, like arbitrary origin reflection, but also more subtle ones where a regex is not properly configured. An issue is created if a dangerous origin is reflected. If "Access-Control-Allow-Credentials: true" is also set, the issue is rated high, otherwise low. Finally, the user has to decide whether the reflected Origin is intended (e.g. CDN) or whether it is a security issue.


"CORS* - Additional CORS Checks" can be run in either automatic or manual mode.


  • In the CORS* tab, the extension can be activated.
  • If activated, the extension will test CORS misconfigurations for each proxy request by sending multiple requests with different origins.
  • There are options to only endable it for in-scope items and to exclude requests with certain file extensions.
  • The "URL for CORS Request" is used to test for arbitrary reflection and as prefix/suffix in testing regex misconfigurations.
  • If a potential misconfiguration is discovered, the request is highlighted in red
  • If an issue is detected, it is also reported in the Target and Dashboard tabs.


  • Requests can be added to CORS* using the extension menu.
  • The requests to test for CORS misconfiguration can then be sent using the "Send CORS requests for selected entry" button.
Author Ybieri
Version 0.9
Last updated 31 January 2022

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