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Response Grepper

This extension will auto-extract and display values from HTTP Response bodies based on a Regular Expression, similarly to the "Grep - Extract" feature in Burp Intruder but will work on any Responses. This can be helpful when trying to perform manual reconnaissance or building an injection in Burp Repeater, without having to scroll through multiple matches in the Response search results.

The Regular Expression is defined per-request. It will extract the full match, and also highlight and extract any groups defined in the regex, and display them in a list on a new tab. Named groups can also be used for more detail in the regex.

Set the Regular Expression in the tab, click "update", hit "enter", or run the request to apply it. Matching subgroups are highlighted in the match and also extracted. For example, to extract the value between 2 DIV tags:

<div class='test'>(.*?)</div>

Named groups can also be used INSTEAD (don't mix named and unnamed). For example:

<div class='test'>(?P<tag>.*?)</div>
Author b4dpxl
Version 1.4.1a
Last updated 25 February 2022

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