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Trigger actions and reshape HTTP request and response traffic using configurable rules


Rules allow you to set actions to perform (called Thens) if HTTP messages/connections (event) received by Burp Suite meet certain criteria (called Whens). Rules are processed in order.


  • Event Direction - If the HTTP message is a Request or Response
  • Has Entity - If the HTTP event contains a certain entity
  • Matches Text - If a value (text, variable, or HTTP event entity) matches a value
  • Proxy Name - If received by a certain Burp proxy listener
  • From Tool - If the HTTP message is from a specific Burp tool


  • Break - Stop rules or then action processing
  • Delay - Delay further processing/sending of the HTTP event
  • Log - Log message to the Burp extension console
  • Highlight - Highlight the request/response line in the HTTP history
  • Run Rules - Run a specific rule or all auto-run rules
  • Run Script - Execute a JavaScript script
  • Set Event Direction - Change whether to send a request or to send a response at the end of processing
  • Set Value - Set the value of an HTTP event using another value (text, variable, or HTTP event entity)
  • Delete Value - Remove an HTTP message entity
  • Set Variable - Set a variable using another value (text, variable, or HTTP event entity)
  • Delete Variable - Delete a variable
  • Send To - Send data to other Burp tools or the system default browser
  • Run Process - Execute a command in a separate process
  • Drop - Have Burp drop the connection


Share values across different rules while processing the same event or all events

Author Daquanne Dwight
Version 1.2.1
Last updated 24 June 2021

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